Check out the introduction video for Space Hammer Hosting’s dedicated hosting servers. Those are the greatest web hosting solution, a full server that’s used by you and you solely.

The dedicated hosting servers, located at Space Hammer Hosting rely on proven and effective hardware components. By doing this you can enjoy a more firm server, in the position to power any kind of web sites or web apps. Our servers supply you with a number of Linux distributions – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu from which to choose at sign up. Also you can pick your website hosting user interface – cPanel, DirectAdmin or the Web Hosting Control Panel. Additionally, you’ll possess a full root access towards the dedicated server from the start. All dedicated servers come in our advanced USA datacenter and provide a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

With every dedicated server additionally, you’ll have free of cost bonuses at exceeding $400 of value. You’ll receive 3 totally free dedicated IP addresses, a $300–worth billing panel plus a $100 domain name reseller account.