In accordance with the policy adopted by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the contact info a domain name is registered with must be valid and accurate at all times. Furthermore, this information is openly visible on WHOIS lookup sites and while this may be OK for corporations, it may not be very acceptable for individuals, because anybody can see their names and their personal street and email addresses, all the more so in an age when identity fraud isn’t that uncommon. Because of this, domain name registrars have introduced a service that hides the details of their clients without changing them. The service is called Whois Privacy Protection. If it’s enabled, people will view the details of the domain registrar, not those of the domain owner, if they perform a WHOIS lookup. The Whois Privacy Protection service is supported by all generic domain name extensions, but it’s still not possible to hide your personal info with some country-code ones.
Whois Privacy Protection in Cloud Website Hosting
Enabling the Whois Privacy Protection service for any domain name registered with our company is exceptionally easy in case you’ve got a Linux cloud website hosting package. You can accomplish this through the exact same Hepsia Control Panel, via which you manage the web hosting account – you will only need to visit the Registered Domains section where all your domain names will be displayed and to click on the “Whois Privacy Protection” button, which will be available for each gTLD or ccTLD that supports the Whois Privacy Protection service. This is also the place where you can renew the Whois Privacy Protection service or deactivate it completely – in case you wish to transfer a certain domain to a different domain name registrar. With our Whois Privacy Protection service, you can conceal your private or corporate contact info with just several clicks and stop worrying that your information might be acquired by unauthorized people.
Whois Privacy Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you’ve got a semi-dedicated server account with our company and you register a domain under it, you can activate our Whois Privacy Protection service without any difficulty. This requires just a couple of mouse clicks in the Registered Domains section of the Hepsia Control Panel, via which you manage everything connected with your semi-dedicated account. This is the place where you can see all your domains and for each one of them you’ll find an “Whois Privacy Protection” icon, using which you can activate, renew or deactivate the service. Of course, this can be done only with generic and country-specific extensions that support this option and you will be able to see this beforehand, so you won’t end up buying a service that we cannot provide.